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Banjo-Kazooie FranchiseEdit

As one of the main characters, Banjo and Kazooie have been around for more than a few years since Rareware first created them. Banjo has a sister named Tooty and he with Kazooie are currently enemies against the evil witch (currently turned to a skull in a robotic body with the jarred skull), Gruntilda. Unlike his best friend, Kazooie, he seems to be the more friendlier and laid back animal.


Crossover FanfictionEdit

Sonic Underground Remake SeriesEdit

He and his best friend, Kazooie, usually hang around and about until their destined encounter with the Sonic Underground. During Sonia's stay in West Mobius' luxury, the two discovered the object they got from Mindy LaTour 's place was fixed and a strange sort of tracking device. When arriving, they met Sonia along with her brothers, Sonic and Manic. They helped uncovered the trap and saved Mindy from the bounty hunters. Later on, they met and befriended Tails, Amy, Conker the Squirrel, and Rodent while vacationing in Coco Island. However, during their stay, they not only meet with Knuckles who has decided on getting back to Sonic and his friends, but also Team Chaotix and the enemies. As they were taking care of Mogul, WizPig, and the Battle Kukku Army, Banjo along with Amy, Tails, Sally, Conker, Rodent, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Remmington, and Team Chaotix gain medallions due to the power of the Chaos Emerald. Later on, Banjo and his friends combat against the evil witch, Gruntilda, twice when they return to Banjo and Kazooie's home at West Mobius' Spiral Mountain. Later, after dealing with the Werehog Scourge, he with Kazooie, Tails, Amy, Conker, and Rodent stay for a while in Knothole, having adventures, but later, escape from the destruction of Knothole to Windy. In Season 2, he with Kazooie will only be involved with the Bad Fur Day portion before he and Kazooie return to Spiral Mountain. They will return in the Season 2 OAV series, which is an adaption to the Banjo-Kazooie game, Nuts & Bolts.

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