Careening Childhood is about the government of Earth were getting suspicious of Japanese media about monsters which created a breed of unknown monsters. Turns out the monsters were Pokémon, Digimon, and Duel Monsters that became popular among young viewers. So, the three factions allied with each other and fight back the mysterious military organization that has not only destroyed past, present and future trainers, destineds, and duelists but brought their worlds into war to save their world.


Chapter 1: The Fragile WorldsEdit

After the president of the united states misunderstood the media expansion in Japan, he sent in CIA to clear the broadcast but they misunderstood the shows and did the unthinkable, they invaded the Pokémon's world, the Digimon's world, and the Duel Monster's world. Destroyed the lives of trainers, destineds, and duelists. And cancelled out the broadcast to ensure that the children's awareness of the military's action was severed.

On the Pokémon world, the very day he was suppose to given to Ash Ketchum, Pikachu got out of his Pokeball and noticed that Pallet Town is ablaze and became war-torn. He did found Delia tearfully mourning of her son until she notice Pikachu and the military attacks Pikachu but even without a trainer, he electrocutes the soldiers with a supercharged Thunderbolt. Delia is safe and leads Pikachu to the bunker underneath Professor Oak's lab.

On the Digimon World, Agumon woke up to see the area deforestated but before he can find any survivors, he was spotted by a savage Kuwagamon. Near the end of the fight, Agumon did the impossible, he digi-volved into Greymon without a destined or a digivice and finished of Kuwagamon with Nova Blast. After the battle, Biyomon, Gabumon, and Gatomon arrives and they head for the Colosseum in the Pokémon world.

On the Duel Monster world, Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl managed to survived a air strike and have no knowledge on how they were summoned. They saw Domino City in ruins. Then they fought some soldiers. After the battle, Dark Magician Girl picked up a card that has three worlds in a form of a venn diagram and in the center is Earth. Its them to meet everyone at the Colosseum at the Pokémon World.

Chapter 2: The Colosseum DefenseEdit

The morning after Pallet Town was nothing but crumbled buildings, Pikachu picked up a message that was drifting in the wind that tells him to head for the Colosseum. So, he heads there anyway.

Everyone gathered at the Colosseum and appearing before them are three representatives who are child-like: Advenger the representative of Pokémon, Internara the representative of Digimon, and Set the representative of Duel Monsters. After hearing from the representatives that the worlds they know of are broken through by the Americans who thought the originators were creating monsters and now merged the worlds into war.