EXE is a hybrid gaming system that features a avatar system that records your gaming experience (trophies, level-ups, even played games), personal experience (schedule, time, even wake-ups), and parental usage (blocks and timers).

Launch GamesEdit

  • The first of the five is a party game called EXE Party that has similarities to the Mario Party series where your EXE character can be played in over 45 different minigames such as Quickdraw, Underwater Breath Hold, Swordfight, Dragon Slaying, even Speedster Race
  • The second is a cooperative action game called Virus Buster which puts up to 4 players offline or online with their EXE characters to defeat a evil race of computer virus waging a senseless war .
  • The third is a Pokemon-like game called Stadiumons which has a Pokemon Stadium comparison but different kind of monsters than Pokemon.
  • The fourth is a platforming shooter game called Deadshot which the main hero is a hired mercenary taking on a clan of organized criminals with crazy but lethal weapons.
  • The last is a fighting game called Iron Fist which you play as 39 characters in a SSB-like showdown.


Each system comes in different colors:

  • Mega Blue
  • Rolling Pink
  • Guts Yellow
  • Gylde Brown
  • Proto Red
  • Original Gray

The ConsoleEdit

The console is actually a charging dock for the handheld controller. It has a custom 'Crossblade' CPU, faster processing power, can hold 450 percent of memory of games and movies, and the bundle comes with the system, a controller, a HDMI, a A/C cord, and a EXE Netstore 50 credit.


The handheld controller is capable of two things: off-screen TV play and on-screen handheld play. If you have a EXE Joycon, you can charge your handheld controller and switch to the EXE Joycon.