This is a remake version of the Nintendo 64 (sort of a dream console) that revolutionize the popular and discontinued product. But with better modification in modern advancements such as internet access and RE:64 Retailer.

The ConsoleEdit

Redesigning it to make it look like the original except for the insertion for the disc encased in a thick and thin cartridge for better storage and doesn't take as much space as the bulky, room-taking cartridge. And replacing wired controller ports for USB ports

The console's CPU is a custom Hi-Andro and its memory can process data up to 512 gigabytes and 2 terabytes (a different version).

The ControllerEdit

No longer a three-pronged controller, instead its a two-pronged wireless controller with two control sticks, a C stick, 4 buttons on the right (A, B, X, and Y), a directional pad, 2 L buttons, 2 R buttons, and a Z button. Also, for player indication, the controller has a LED color-coded player indicator (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow).


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3DS and TV Dual ScreenEdit

It is capable with 3DS games and over 2000 DS and DSi games with a special accessory. You can play on TV using a special TV Dual Screen feature and a non-blurry IMAX-esque glasses-less 3D feature that is less realistic than 4D movies that you can only find in theme parks. Plus, unlike the 3D or 4D feature, it has a perfect picture and surround sound similar to IMAX.

RE:64 RetailerEdit

Its a special answer to Nintendo EShop as many games can be purchased by in-game credits called Retro Points which can be earned by playing owned games (even if you beaten them which is 50% of Retro Points.), achieving a numbers of trophies, buy variable Retro Point Cards at certain video game retailers, and redeem them by codes given to you. It requires internet access to enter RE:64 Retailer.