Ragnarok Online: Renewal + Evolution of COmbat.


  • Some Damage % modifying cards are 3x effective only in PK, GVG, PVP for players.
  • HP and MP modifiers of all classes are 120x (Asura Strike and Martyr's reckoning HP cost and damage are nerfed absolutely to avoid suicide!)
  • HP and MP regen has been modified to parabolic state
  • HP and SP boosts from percentages do NOT benefit Asura Strike and Dragon Breath,
  • Cart Weight and starting weight and with bonus per STR modifier is 5x
  • Almost all monsters have maintained High health before pre-renewal.
  • It is now an incremental, up to 1.797693134862315907729305190789e+308, up from -4294967296
  • HP & SP percentage boosting ones in the cards are 50x higher. 4x Tao Gunka card will give you 20,000% more HP boost
  • All monsters start with 120% more HP. Bosses start with 500% more HP. MVPS start with 32x HP.
  • Boss Protocols/Boss Monsters cannot be targeted by skills, but they can from normal attacks. They have 100% magic damage block and reduction from GTB effect. Their ASPD is affected by AGI/LUK/DEX, Critical Chance is affected by LUK. They have 4x more HP than non-Boss protocols. They withstand a lot of damage without flinching. The funny thing is you can't use Sense on them and damage you inflict onto or take from them are not displayed. It's going to be quite a challenge. They can splash attack and always hit on players unless they are under Auto-Guard and Kyrie Eleison. Their max HP bonus is also affected by VIT like other players.
  • Boss protocols reflect 1-30% damage back to players.