This page is for Rodent the Squirrel from anybody's continuity.

Rodent the Squirrel
305960-rodent thumb
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Squirrel
Faction Rare Ltd.
Health  ???
Level  ???
Status  ???
Location  ???

Conker Franchise InformationEdit

Rodent is a soldier of Squirrel High Command military faction in Conker's Bad Fur Day. He is a blue/gray squirrel with large glasses and an ally of Conker.

When Conker first discovers Rodent, he is tied up in a Tediz base and about to be executed by a firing squad. After defeating Rodent's captors and freeing Rodent, the soldier squirrel decides to aid Conker in sabotaging the Tediz base.

Due to the fact that Rodent wears a prototype, indestructible armor, he actually allows Conker to use him as a shield as the two squirrels navigate their way through the Tediz base.


Crossover FanfictionEdit

Sonic Underground RemakeEdit

For some time, Rodent has lived in Willow Woods with Conker, Tails, and Amy Rose. One of the more frightened comrades of the group, he tends to be somewhat scared at times, though braves the faces of danger when needed, especially when it comes to his secret crush, Amy. A long while after the defeat of the Evil Acorn, WizPig, the Battle Kukku Army, and an encounter with Conker's ancestor Count Batula his heart to Amy was put to the test when they along with Banjo and Kazooie had to restore Amy's youth from the evil witch, Gruntilda.