Samus Aran
samus aran with her suit on
Vital statistics
Title bounty hunter
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Nintendo/Galactic Federation
Health High
Level 52
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Samus is a bounty hunter of Galactic Federation and is in many Fan fics


taken from Wikitroid

Much of Samus' life and history is a mystery. She was living with her parents, Rodney Aran and Virginia Aran, on the Earth colony K-2L; they died, however, in a Space Pirate attack on the colony, while Samus was three years old. She was the sole survivor of the raid. Eventually, a group of Chozo found her alone and stranded on the destroyed colony. A chozo who appears to be of great importance decided to take Samus. They brought her to their planet, Zebes, and raised her with Chozo influence. She was infused with Chozo blood[1], and later given the powerful Power Suit, built entirely out of Chozo technology. She proceeded to leave the planet and eventually became a Bounty Hunter.


she in LL's fanfic helps nintendo fight off Sony with the help of micosoft. her planet SR388 was destriod by sony driving her to a crazed state trying killing all in sight




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