A PS3/PS4 game about a lone soldier in red armor woken up from hibernation and begins a Action/Platforming/Shooter adventure yet


Hibernation Labs, Planet UrgoEdit

A young scientist girl named Dawn was running from the galactic army of robotic imperial soldiers from the Pandaro Empire. She stopped being chased when she stumbled into a crimson door, it was the hiberation labs.

When she entered, she saw Javelin, a resistant soldier 50 years old chronological but actually 1 year older as she is (15 years old). She press the codes and woken Javelin up and Javelin when the Pandaro robot soldiers inflitrated the labs, Javelin destroyed them with his buster pistol.

Javelin escorted Dawn to her ship but when they got to the exit, it was closed. So Javelin slashed it open with his finish saber. Dawn thanks him and they exit out.

Velgoon Plateau, Planet UrgoEdit

Javelin and Dawn exited the hibernation labs and Javelin battled the Pandaro soldiers in the Velgoon Plateau. When they got to Dawn's ship safely, Javelin said he should be left on the wasteland of Velgoon Plateau but Dawn insisted that Javelin should join the resistance.

They enter Dawn's ship and flew into the zero galaxy.

Pandaro's Mammoth Blockade, Zero Galaxy - Urgo's OrbitEdit

Dawn flew her 'Ratchet' Mechanic Cruiser into space but a Pandaro 'Mammoth' blockade was blocking their way and Javelin took manuel control of the ship and fight the blockade.

After fighting the blockade, a giant destroyer follows them and Dawn took control of the turret and blasted the destroyer out of space. Then they headed to the resistance orbital base of operations.

Resistance Orbital Base, Gunborg Asteroid RingEdit