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Altair is sent out to assassinate Mario, but Samus won't let a massive bounty like our favourite assassin slip through un-noticed, but what are the chances of her catching him in the busy streets of Toad Town?

Story Edit

As Altair walks through the busy streets, he receives many looks from the people of Toad Town, as they never expected such a human to be walking among them. Either did Samus Aran, but it just so happened her holiday destination was about to be the stage of one of the greatest assassination attempts in history.

Mario was walking through the streets, trying to ignore all of the fans who wanted his autograph, when someone shouted out "Hey look! It's Mario!" and every Toad started rushing towards him. He dove into a dark side alley to try and get away from all of them. Just as he turned around, he ran into Altair and fell over. "I've been sent here to kill you. And that's what I'll do." Altair said, but Mario got up and jumped over his head then started running away.

As Altair snuck along side alleys, he saw a group of Toad's in military uniforms marching down the street. They knew Altair was in Toad Town somewhere, but they didn't know where. As the group marched past, Altair snuck right behind them without anybody noticing. Except Samus Aran, who jumped down and began following the assassin.

As Altair ran along, suddenly Samus locked a missile onto him. Altair quickly sprinted out into the crowd, who all jumped out of the way to dodge the missile, then as they got back up Samus Aran ran past them and knocked them all over again. Altair jumped through an alley, climbed up the side of a building and got on the roof. The missile came up and started following him again, so he dived off the edge of the building into a haystack. Just as the missile was about to strike, Altair jumped out and the missile hit the haystack and exploded, which attracted the military Toads straight towards Altair. They all began chasing after him, trying to catch him, when a mysterious cape appeared in a rift through the dimensions and pulled Altair away to a completely different spot.