Author: User:Herooftwilight

Genre: Adventure, action

Liscenses: Anything that appears in the Legend of Zelda games belongs to Nintendo. Anything not from the games belongs to me.

Major Characters: Link, David, Gareth, Skid, Kaira, Thorn, Mikau, Wane, The Six Executioners, Orca, Dark Link

Rating: PG/PG-13/R

This might take awhile to complete because I'm working this summer. And then I'll have school so it could take awhile. Sorry for the inconveniance.


Four years after the War of Hyrule, two Deku named Kaira and Thorn were sent by the Deku living in Woodfall City to ask for Hyrule's help. They tell of how the Deku are enslaved by an evil wind mage named Vaati and his second-in-command, Dark Link. David leaves immediatly to free his people from enslavement along with Link, Kaira, Thorn, Skid and Wane, a mage from Kakariko Village. They travel over the northern mountains, cross snowy tundras, avoid cannibalistic Swamp Zoras and battle hordes of monsters to reach their destination. Meanwhile, a small group of escaped slaves, helped by an unlikely ally, attempt to overthrow Vaati. But little do they know, Vaati's plan is far from over...


  • Part 1:The Kingdom With No King (12 Chapters) PG for violence
  • Part 2:The Resistance (17 Chapters) PG-13 for violence, mild language and death
  • Part 3:Risking it All (17 Chapters) PG-13 for violence, mild language, and death
  • Part 4:Nothing to Lose (14 Chapters) PG-13 for violence, mild language, and death
  • Part 5:Joining Forces (12 Chapters) PG-13 for violence, mild language, and death
  • Part 6:Assault (12 Chapters) R for excessive violence, language, and death
  • Part 7:The Rightful King (11 Chapters) R for violence, language, and death


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